Shekar Kummula to direct Mahesh Babu

Ever since Sekhar Kammula announced that he is going to work with a big star in his next film,Tollywood has been agog with speculations about who the big star is. If grapevine is to be believed, director Sekhar Kammula is looking at working with Mahesh Babu.

The filmmaker had a meeting with the superstar recently, triggering off speculations of the actor-director duo collaborating in the future. Director Sekhar Kammula confirms meeting Mahesh, but is non committal about the reasons for the meeting. “Yes, I met Mahesh and we discussed a few things. But it’s too early to comment about if we will be working together,” says Sekhar.
A source close to Mahesh Babu says that the actor is keen on working with Sekhar, and has been thinking about collaborating with the director soon after Happy Days released. But things did not quite work out. Apparently, the superstar has asked Sekhar to come up with a script and has given him ample time for it. So as Sekhar works on his script, Mahesh would complete shooting three films on hand.