Shekar Kammula’s Life is not so Beautiful !!

After Leader, Sekhar Kammula’s next project will be Life Is Beautiful. He will be producing the film too and that will be with debutantes. Though recognized as a popular film director, Sekhar Kammula still is not a part of typical film nagar set up. He makes movies in his own and sells them in his own way. Despite getting continuous blockbuster, he has not become commercial. Speaking to the media, the director said he is on a star search and has begun inviting applications for three boys and three girls who are simple, they need not have six packs or look like Miss Universe, the criteria isn’t high.

He has taken a lot of time to select new actors and start the movie ‘Life is Beautiful’. Sekhar Kammula doesn’t have the habit of letting media know about the progress of the movie. He comes to media only after wrapping up the movie. The distributors were given an indication that film would be ready by January 2012.

The pretty actress has been roped in for this much-delayed film. The long-pending project, which has been delayed for one or the other reason, is finally ready to re-start. The filmmaker’s plans to cast newcomers wenthaywire after his leading lady left the film midway, thereby putting the movie on the back burner. The distributors are expecting the movie to release this summer. We have to wait and see when Sekhar Kammula comes out and announces the news of shoot completion.