Sheikh marriage racket : Hyderabad police arrests four more

V SatyanarayanaThe Hyderabad city police have arrested four more people including a Qazi in connection with the contract marriage racket which busted in Hyderabad recently.

Crackdown on aged Arab nationals marrying minor girls, Hyderabad police on Tuesday arrested three more Omani citizens and qazi.

Deputy Commissioner of Police South V Satyanarayana said, They have arrested a Qazi and three Oman nationals and also seized documents. Out of them, two will be deported due to lack of evidence to book them under criminal charges. Police resued 20 minor girls and few girls ageing between 20- 25.

Earlier Hyderabad Police busted Sheikh marriage racket arresting twenty people including Omani, Qatar nationals and Qazis, brokers and lodge owners from India.