Sharmila’s Fake Foot Injury Exposed !!


Telugu Desam Party today exposed Kadapa MP YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila foot injury drama with solid proofs before media .

Sharmila, who discontinued her padayatra with a injury on her right leg in order to celebrate Christmas and new year was exposed by TDP leader . YSR family members  claimed that injury was on her right leg and a doctor SomaShekar Reddy gave a report that Sharmila need a surgery for ankle twist and also said that she need 3 weeks rest. Later they continued the drama  saying that she had surgery and recovering well .and people are praying for her health on daily basis on their pamphlet  paper Sakshi.

But sadly, Her drama got a super twist when she met her brother Jagan in jail couple of days back ,  Unfortunately she might forgot the leg which claimed to have been operated and started walking out of jail with a help of walking stick folding her left leg instead of right leg and the right leg was balancing her.

This holy act was exposed by TDP today with photographs and speaking to press Gali Muddukrishna Naidu asked,  Where was the Sakshi channel when she was hurt ? . Basically, Sakshi channel  always follows  her yatra second by second  . He  also said,  all the channels telecasted  Naidu’s injury when the stage collapsed ,but Sharmila injury cause was never shown on TV. He said its a Oscar winning performance to take rest and fooling people to earn sentiment and encash it at the time of elections. While Sharmila’s brother Jagan banking on sentiment sitting in jail and now she again went into public for fooling them .