Sharmila ask KCR to touch her feet

YSR Congress Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila launched a brave attack on TRS president in his own bastion in Karimnagar, In her  ‘Maro Praja Prastanam’ Padayatra, she accused that TRS never fought for Telangana public problem , they were only concerned about just Telangana issue nothing else.

Addressing a huge public meeting in Gadwal, Sharmila challenged  KCR that ,  If she and her brother YS Jagan prove that they do not have a single rupee share in Obulapuram and Bayyaram mines  then,  Is KCR ready to  tender a public apology by touching their feet and hands ?,  she questioned KCR.

She blasted on Information Minister DK Aruna for not looking in to the welfare of the people in the constituency. She is only concerned about her ‘welfare’ not worried that the people here are facing a severe shortage of drinking water.