Shankarabharanam Movie Review – Atypical

Nikhil-Shankarabharanam-Movie-Review- Atypical-TeluguSquareShankarabharanam Movie Review

Title: Sankarabharanam
Cast: Nikhil, Nandita, Rao Ramesh, Suman, Anjali
Directed by: Uday Nandanvan
Story, screenplay and direction monitoring: Kona Venkat
Producer: M V V Satyanarayana
Music: Praveen lakkaraju Rating 2.75/5


Gautam (Nikhil Siddharth ) is a Rich NRI living a modern Lifestyle in USA. He returns to India to sell his 25 year old ancestral property (mother’s (sitara) property) and make money as his father(suman) goes bankrupt & falls in deep financial problems. His mother belongs to a royal family and the legal heir of the property – Shankarbaranam palace is situated in Moti nagar near Patna city in Bihar . His mother’s relatives staying in the place are still displeased with his mother for marrying his father.

Gautam takes help of his father’s childhood friend’s son Saptagiri and both of them decide to cheat those who are staying in the place and plan to sell the property. But he comes to known about the family values and the relationships during a function in the place.

Meanwhile a local kidnapper gang comes to know about NRI who have huge list of properties in Bihar and they target Goutam which ends up in getting Kidnapped. How Gautam escapes from Kidnappers? How he earns the required money to fix up his dad’s financial problems? forms the crux of the story .

For the last few movies, actor Nikhil Siddharth has been seen experimenting with his roles . He once again chooses another heavy role with a variations – from jolly life to problematic life . Inparticular, He has taken utmost care for his look and his dialogue delivery . Nikhil apt in NRI getup.  Nandita impressed in her Happy Thakur role . Sanjay mishra was able to bring some humour as Kidnapper. Anjali entertains in her small villainous role but one wonders which she has chosen such pointless role when her carer is in good track. Sampath leaves his mark in climax. Prithvi and Saptagiri bring some humaners. Rest of the cast Rao Ramesh, Suman and Raghu Babu are good in their limited roles.


Ace writer Kona venkat took the responsibility of the entire film on his shoulders and leaves his mark especially with the dialogues in pre-climax and climax . Debutant director Uday Nandavanam should had concentrated more on story . The movie lack pace that is required for a thriller . Praveen Lakkaraju’s music is good , it was different However the BGM was not up to mark. Editing should had been more crisp as most of the scenes in the first half were dragging. Cinematography is an asset for the film.


The makers could not justify the title Shakarbaharam other than naming a palace . The story of the movie is the one that was inspired by Bollywood’s “Phas Gaye Re Obama”, which is based on Bihar Backdrop but all the characters speak Telugu language . Although it was planned to cater the need of telugu audience but the movie lacks negativity. At some moments, Audience would feels as if they are watching a dubbing film.

Konavent known for his magic screen play , has failed to impressed . This comedy Crime Thriller lacks pace in first half and in second half it gets on to track and falls short again. Some unwanted scenes makes the film go off track and the audience fails to connect with the story. However, Kona has given importance to the climax and runs the last 30 minutes with Hero & his Mindgames .


Kona dialogues
Production Values

First Half
Slow Narration

Shankarabharanam is ever green classic of legendary K.Viswanath Garu its a pride to Telugu cinema .Taking the classic title like ‘Shankarabharanam’ is a kind of gutsy step . However Kona Venkat spoiled by selecting the same name by making a comedy of the title . Overall Shanakarabhama is not a thriller.


Only title is Classic not the film