Shankar Rao goes missing !

Controversial Former Minister Shankar Rao who boasts to be die-hard Sonia Gandhi and poses as if he is the only honest person in the country went missing since yesterday. His address still missing. Now Nedermet police will have to register one more missing case for him. sources say he is trying his best to get a bail before he gets arrested . Courts will be working from Monday so, he is waiting for tomorrow morning.

Yesterday High Court lifted stay on Shankar Rao’s non bailable warrant which he got in a an encroachment case in Greenfield.Residents of Green Field locality, Alwal approached Malkajgiri police and complained against Shankar Rao and his brother Dayanand that both were trying to encroach their houses by forging the documents. However Shankar Rao escaped action at that time, getting a stay on his arrest warrant. Now that the stay is lifted Cyberabad police went to his house for questioning only to find him missing and even his cell phone switched off.