Shankar Rao arrested, released !

Congress veteran, Cantonment MLA Shankar Rao is arrested today by Neredmet Police, Hyderabad today.

Green fields plot owner’s association in the city filed a petition in Court that Shankar Rao was trying to grab the 75 acres land. Green Fields plot owners association had filed a petition on Oct 11 that Shankar Rao has misused his Minister position to grab 72 acres , 875 plots under Survey No. 373, 375, 376, 378, 379 and 386 in Kanajiguda village in Malkajgiri mandal by forging documents to claim that it belonged to his father. The then magistrate ordered police to book criminal court against Shankar Rao after finding fault with him. But MLA managed to get stay-orders on that arrest warrant.

But today, Neredmet Police has taken him into custody  . Later took him to appear before Malkajgiri Magistrate but was sent to Gandhi Hospital for examination as his condition was bad  and he was sent  care hospital as he reported a cheat pain. In a press release police said that, Shankar Rao was not arrested but was taken to police station for investigation.