Shankar plays spoil games with CGR

Director N.Shankar the recent Nandi Award winner got his Nandi by lobbying and as quota basis  playing spoil games in Tollywood  to grab one more chance for his survival.

Director Shankar who debut with Encounter became famous with Sri Ramulayya . He was not in limelight for few years but got a chance with ‘Jai Bolo Telangana ‘ movie and became patented director for Telnagana.

He met KCR and misguided him by saying that Rambabu movie is not just against Telangana but also against woman, handicapped, Hijdas and Beggers. He said Tamannah’s drinking scene in the film is most vulgar part of the movie . May be he is unaware that Women do drink now days.

The main reason for this grudge on Pawn Kalyan is , Pawan has ignored him once when he went to narrate a story at Gabbar singh shooting time . With no chances for him and no believers in him Shankar playing a spoil game in Tollywood .