Shame : UK’s Hull University students sex on stage

hull0Hull University students’ union apologises for organising ‘sex on stage’ event at nightclub.

Anti-sexual violence group Rape Crisis has criticised the event terming it as ‘exploitative’ and ‘degrading’ to young women.

An outrageous student night where young women took part in a sex show for the chance to win a free holiday to Croatia . The student simulated sex on stage, swapped clothes, stripped and got into sexual positions after served with alcohol.

Celebrity DJ Lee Watson encouraged students to stip and swap clothes. He said, “Cheer if you want to f*** this girl. She’s keen, form a queue. I’m first.”

Girls were forced into sexual positions by men, and the winner secured victory by whipping off her bra in front of the crowd. the students got into 69 positions in front of a huge crowd.