Shame on you KCR says Digvijay Singh

digvijay-kcr-3636Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh condemns Telangana statehood celebrations by Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao

He was with a view that spending hundreds of crores of rupees on advertisement to mark the second statehood day celebrations is shameful while people are dying in the state.

He tweeted..Greetings to all in Telengana and we thank Sonia Gandhi to give Statehood accepting the long standing demand of the People of Telengana. In two years we have seen only KCR Family benefiting. Farmers are committing suicides people are dying of heat stroke unemployment growing.

KCR celebrating and putting huge ads worth 100s of crores.Another Nero in the celebration mode when poor people are dying. Shame on you KCR! (sic).