Shahrukh Khan’s FAN film Teaser Talk : Artificial look

srk-4664On the eve of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s 5oth birthday, Yash Raj Films released the second teaser of SRK’s upcoming film ‘Fan’, which will release on April 15th 2016.

Gaurav is a biggest fan of Aryan Khanna (Shahrukh Khan character in the film) from his childhood , follows the star by collection posters, pictures and everything things about the star. His main aim is to me the star Will He?

SRK in Gaurav’s role was pretty odd with poor VFX, it gives a feels as if a facemask has been sticked on SRK’s face with swollen cheeks.  We have seen SRK’s smile in his career beginning films but his smile in Gaurav’s role  was not at all pleasant to watch . Even the dimple on the face was missing.

Although SRK looks young in Gaurav role but disappoints with his artificial look. The film is directed by Maneesh Sharma and Produced by Yash Raj Films.