Sexual assault allegations against Kathi Mahesh

sunitaCinema artist Sunita has made sensational comments on the critic Kathi Mahesh. She appeared in a TV show debate program when Mahesh Kathi sitting beside her.

Sunita alleged that Kathi Mahesh has called her to his room and forced her when she retaliated, he has beaten her and forced her.

Sunita said, Kathi Mahesh, was being introduced to her through Facebook a year ago. She met Mahesh in “Ammi tumi” audio event. She was shocked to see Kathi in Big Boss show. After Elimination from BB, when she called him, he told her to come to his place where he asked for a commitment and when she rejected, he forced her by beating her. Then he gave Rs 500 for a bus ticket.

Sunita said She went to police station to lodge a complaint against Kathi Mahesh when he was wagging battle with Pawan Kalyan fans, but the police refused to take a complaint against Kathi. She said She has all proofs including the Facebook messages and the address that was forwarded by Mahesh Kathi.