Seven items that Sai Baba likes the most

saibaba7 Things that Sai Baba devotees should offer on Thursdays

  1. Spinach: It is believed to be Baba’s favourite vegetable.
  2. Halwa (Indian sweet): A lot of Sai’s devotees offer him Halwa.
  3. Khichdi (porridge): Porridge is also known to be Sai Baba’s favorite dishes.
  4. Coconut: Coconut is used prominently in all religious functions.
  5. Flowers: Like all Gods, Sai Baba is also offered flowers and garlands made of flowers.
  6. Fruit: Fruits are offered to Baba.
  7. Sweet/Dessert: Baba’s devotees offer him sweets like Peda.