Setback to Suresh Babu with Court’s order

sureshbabu759A major setback to President of Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce D. Suresh Babu on the grounds that he didn’t pay Common Good Fund and a case by CCI is pending on him.

City Civil Court rules that SureshBabu is NOT eligible to run in Film Chamber Elections. The Hon’ble City Civil Court, Hyderabad passed an order in an Election Case against Suresh Babu.

Telangana Film chamber member Mohan has filed a case in civil court that Suresh Babu has not submitted papers that are required during the elections.

Reacting on this Hon. Secretary Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce K.L. DAMODAR PRASAD released a press note of clarification which said,

The case was filed on two issues mainly. 1) Common Good Fund of Rs. 1460/- was not paid. 2) An Amount of Rs. 12,89,735/- penalty was imposed by Competitive Commission of India and the said amount was paid by Chamber. But the above two issues are incorrect as. 1) Common Good Fund was paid by individuals. 2) The Penalty was imposed on Chamber and not on D. Suresh Babu.