Setback : HC strikes off Telangana govt GO 123

TelanganaThe High Court has cancelled the controversial land acquisition GO 123. and its amendment GO 124 , that was given by the Telangana governmnet.

It’s  a major setback to the TRS government, which is planning to acquire land from farmers . Medak district farmers approached the court in this regard as the govt was forcibly tried to acquire land for a project.

Several parties have opposed the land acquisitions as per GO 123. High court struck off the GO 123 and ordered the governmnet to acquire land central government’s 2013 land acquisition GO .

This is a huge setback for Telangana Government which has also planned to implement this GO for Mallanna Sagar project land acquisition.

Kodandaram responding on this has said that there is concern among the farmers on GO 123 as there are lapses in GO 123. He said, ‘2013 land acquisition act’ is much better than GO 123 as Submergence victims will have more rights whereas GO 123 will have less concern . In GO 123 , govt can buy land from those who have lands and has no concern for submergence victims.