‘Separate Telangana State In BJP Hands’

Celebrations have begun in Bharatiya Janata Party camp after winning the Mahabubnagar (Paalamoor) constituency with a thin margin. Leaders like Venkaih Naidu and Kishan Reddy started voicing their opinions in a higher pitch.
BJP will rise like a power both in T-region and whole country to do justice to T-people, Venkaiah Naidu stated. The veteran leader felt that only BJP can present a bill about bifurcation of state in the parliament. ‘People have believed that the cause of Telangana can be achieved only through BJP, a national party. Believe us, local parties cannot get separate states’, he added.
Enthralled about the win, BJP leader Kishan Reddy stated that people proved T-sentiment once again and promised to get separate state once NDA forms government in 2014. Political observers are saying that BJP succeeded in making people believe that they will get separate state, but they are the ones who sidelined T-issue before 2009. Equations and ideologies change at any time in political circuits. What BJP needs is ‘power’ and no one knows what happens once they get it!