Semen filled balloons on Holi in Delhi

holi-semanHoli celebrations in the national capital of Delhi becoming Unholy , Some young men threw semen filled balloons on a girl in the name of Holi. Lady Sriram College students complained to the police. The Delhi University’s Women’s Rights Group has organized an agitation. In some places in the name of Holi, some thugs also dropped balloons filled with water and mud

Delhi University college student says semen-filled balloon thrown at her on eve of Holi festival. Students of Lady Sri Ram College express their shock over the incident where a semen-filled balloon was allegedly thrown at a student, say ‘This kind of thing was shocking. In the name of ‘Bura na maano holi hai’ you have got the ticket of humiliating women like this.

The DelhiUniversity had on Monday announced elaborate internal and external security arrangements on campus, hostels and other colleges to counter any possible threat under the garb of Holi celebrations.