Sekhar Kammula warns Sri Reddy to face Legal Action

sekhar-kammula-sri-reddyDirector Sekhar Kammula demanded an apology from actress Sri Reddy for making baseless allegations against him.

Yesterday Sri Reddy wrote on her Facebook page about the casting couch incidents and indirectly hinted that director Sekhar Kammula was involved in such acts.

Referring to him as Kommulu vachina Sekharudu, in a post on Facebook, she called him a ‘gurkha’ who used to roam around her house like a watchman and he is always desperate for a video call. Sri Reddy said that she has evidence in the form of audio clips and videos regarding all the allegations

Sekhar Kammula Facebook post read as follows

Yesterday a social media post maligning me came to my notice. It is vulgar, demeaning and full of lies. It has caused deep grief to my family, to me and many more who value me.
I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that a woman whom I don’t know, have not seen or never spoken to in person or on the phone can suddenly make these baseless allegations.
Whatever might be their intentions and whoever might be involved in this diabolic act , I would like to say that it is WRONG, IMMORAL and CRIMINAL .
People who know me and my work would be aware of the kind of importance I give to equality of women and their empowerment. I live by my CHARACTER and die by it. I will not spare anyone who tries to point fingers at it.
APOLOGIZE and take back every word that was posted against me or be ready to face legal action, which will include criminal/civil proceedings.