Seemandhra people will be kicked out of Telangana !

Telangana issue has gradually turning into a war like situation in Andhra Pradesh with provocative statements from both sides of the state by the politicians.

Congress MP Komat Reaady Rajgopal Reddy who is inching towards Jagan’s YSRCP has warned the people of Andhra& Rayalaseema that , he would kick them out of Telangana if they try to stop the formation of separate statehood.He also said the state would turn violent if center doesn’t announce Telangana. Another leader Yadava Reddy said he would spit every one who tends to become a hurdle in formation of separate Telangana.

Meanwhile, TRS leader Harish Rao said, There are no seemandhra people in Hyderabad , At most they are found in Jubliee Hills & Banjara hills, If people of Addagutta blow air from their mouth ,Seemandhra will find their destinies.