Seemandhra lobbying: No statement on Telangana on 28th

Political heat over the Telangana statehood demand rose as the Seemandhra and Telangana Congress leaders intensified lobbying for and against separate Telangana and its effect are visible with Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad statement.

Telangana cannot be solved within one month of time frame as stated by Home minister Shinde, The announcement of center’s decision on Jan 28th cannot be expected as this issue cannot be solved within a month time , It migght take some more time to get resolved. He said, Center is keen in resolving this issue as soon as possible, No deadline can be fixed to solve this issue.

While Telangana leaders fired on centers decision said,  This is not the first time Center Bows before pressure politics of Seemandhra MP’s. Now the protest will be intensified to bow the center on its feet and declare Telangana. Kodanda Ram will start his fasting till death from 28th.