Second grade hero decides to show his guts to Pawan

Second grade hero who is crying for success all these days is getting ready to take on Tollywood’s top hero Pawan Kalyan with his latest film “Denekaina Ready ” .

He is Manchu Vishnu termed as flop hero in Tollywood without a single success to his credit barring “Dhee” movie,now wants to show his guts to prove himself by releasing his movie with Pawan Kalyan’s “Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu”. Vishnu instead of believing on his film is just trying to bank on his luck and sentiment which favoured his father at Mohan babu at the time of “Pedha Raidu” movie which was released on the same  day when Chiranjeevi’s “Big Boss” was released  and Pedha Raidu  outsmart Big Boss which gave Mohan Babu a big break to become “Collection King”.

Now, even Vishnu following his dad’s success formula and is planning to release his movie on the same day with Pawan’s CGR. When Pawan’s ‘CGR’ was scheduled for 11th Oct release “Denekaina Ready” also announced its release on same day and now ‘CGR’ has postponed to 18th so even “Denekaina Ready” has postponed  by a week and announced its release on 18th. Lets hope this second grade hero  at least gets some luck releasing his movie alongside Pawan’s film.