Sebastian alleges KCR and Jagan conspiracy

sabestianThe A2 accused in cash for vote case, Sebastian smells Telangana CM K.chandrashekar Rao and YSRCP president Jagan Mohan Reddy’s conspiracy behind phone tapping .

Speaking to media He said, Sakshi channel belongs to Jagan, He was implicated by the channel because , He spoke about Vijayamma holding Bible in a debate . He said the channel is focussing on him and has dubbed voice of his and that’s the reason a video was telecasted by only sakshi channel not other channels.

Referring Janardhan name, he said that Janardhan was in-charge of TDP office. Anyone who wants to contact Chandrababu has to go through him.

He said , His cellphones were tracked and all those were not recordings . He belongs to minority and the minorities are pressured , added Sebastian.