Savitri Movie Review – Routine

savitri-reviewMovie :Savitri
Director : Pavan Sadineni
Producer : Dr. V.B. Rajendra Prasad
Music Director : Shravan
Starring : Nara Rohit,Nanditha Raj : 2.75/5


Born in a marriage Savitri (Nandita) daughter of landlord Dora Babu(Murali Sharma) near Visakhapatnam. Right from her young age wants to get married. For her early marriage,She even helps her sister Gayatri( Dhanya Balakrishnan) to elope with her lover . When her family members alerts her that she would not get married soon if her sister runs away, Savitri immediately gives whereabouts of her sister .

After Savitri’s elder sister gets married, Her family look for a bride for Savitri and when they are about for a engagement, Savitri meets Dr.Rishi (Nara Rohit) in a Shirdi train. Rishi loves her in the train journey , but she refuses as her parents have already fixed a match . On the other hand Rishi  rejects a marriage proposal fixed by his parents as he starts loving  Savitri.  The twist is that Both of them are not aware of that their parents have decided to get Savitri married to Rishi. How Rishi try to impress Savitri and win her love? forms the story.


Right from begining till end , the movie story revolves round the wedding . There is no freshness in the story but the Nandita’s novelty character ‘Savitri’ ,would impress. Nandita was beautiful but lacks grace, her slang and dialogue delivery are  good. After fixing the marriage proposal, Nara Rohit’s Fittings to impress Savitri were good. Rohit had improved a lot in his stuns and dances and should also work hard in expressions and emotions. Other characters Madhu Nandan, Shakalaka Shankar, Prabhas Seenu, Posani Krishna Murali are good. Ravi Babu and Vennela Kishore are ok.

Music by Shravan is good , the background score is quite impressive.Cinematography of Vasanth is good.Editing of Gautham Nerusu could have been better. Production values are good. Director Pavan Sadineni came with routine entertainer , the movie start with promising note and the first part is entertaining especially the train episode. But later the diretor has lost track over the script. The logic less scenes where the lead character (hero) chases the heroine to love him and she rejects him . Punches, fights and other ingredients will spoil the mood of the film and make the audience feel that they are missing the emotion. Balakrishna’s songs playing in the background during the action sequences makes a reference that Nara and Nandamuri clans are same. Over all , Savitri  is just okay.

Plus Points

  • First Half
  • Nandita

Minus points

  • Routine story
  • Direction.


Savitri perplexed by commercials Booty.

Note: This review relates to the reviewer’s perception. It is only the personal opinion of the reviewer.