Sasikala denies Panneerselvam’s allegations

sasiAIADMK general secretary Sasikala Natarajan called upon an Emergency cabinet meeting at Poes Garden residence at late night .

She waved her supporters outside Poes Garden . She said there is No confusion or problem in our party and all are united like a family.

She denied allegations of TN interim CM O Panneerselvam that he was forced to resign. She said, “I did not force O Panneerselvam for anything, what he is saying is not correct”.

Sasikala alleged that the opposition DMK is behind Panneerselvam . She said Panneerselvam will be removed from all party posts including AIADMK’s membership.

She said, In recent assembly session opposition leader & O Panneerselvam exchanged warmth, they were smiling at each other.

While Panneerselvam again hits back at Sasikala saying “Looking at opposition leader & smiling at them isn’t a crime. I think smiling is not a crime”.

The opposition MK Stalin alleged that Sasikala Natarajan didn’t allow CM O Panneerselvam to work freely,this is what DMK has been telling and the same has been said by Panneerselvam. Person who has been administered oath of office by Governor was threatened to tender resignation.Those who did this deserve strict action , said stalin.