Sarvan turns Ravan

Sarvan turned into Ravan for Pawan Kalyan fans,  He turned into a star within a day just because of  Pawan Kalyan by abusing mega family  . He is might be happy for this gesture by mega family even after betraying them  and joining TRS  party for his political career. Some other mega fans also did the same who got recognition only because of being mega fans.

“Sravan Kumar” who is a self-proclaimed Power Star Pawan Kalyan fan, who was even given a PRP ticket in the 2010 elections though he ended up in TRS party.Sravan seems to be venting fire on Pawan kalyan for coming up with a movie like “CGR” , he even requested the movie to be banned in CGR.

Apparently he did all this to get into lime light, not many people know about Sravan Kumar and now all the TV channels,search engines and social media is buzzing on him.