Sarrainodu Movie Review- BoyaMass

sarrainodu-releaseMovie :Sarrainodu
Cast: Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa, Anjali
Story/Writer,Director: Boyapati Seenu
Producer: Allu Aravind
Production House: Geetha Arts,
Music: S. Thaman Rating 3.25/5


Flamboyant Ghana(Allu Arjun) is a ex-military man and son of Chief Secretary of the state and highly qualified, but tends to spend time without any job. For upholding justice, He settle  the cases in his violent way which comes to his uncle Sripathi (Srikanth), a lawyer. On his father’s request he accepts to go to Matchmaking. On the way he falls in love with local MLA Hansitha Reddy (Catherine Tresa) and proposes her.

In  a brutal rape and murder case of a woman , Hansitha stands beside the victim’s family and fights for justice, Vairam Danush (Adi Pinisetti) son of CM stands beside the accused to see that court verdict comes in favour of accused.

In the meantime, Ghana will have a clash with Danush gang and get still closer to Hasitha. His family members agree to marry him with MLA. But MLA, puts a condition to Ghana over his violent settlements. When Ghana decides to stay away from quarrels and was about to take oath before Goddess, Chased by villains, Mahalakshmi/Janu (Rakul Preeth) arrives there. Ghana protects her from getting killed and also shocks everyone by announcing that Janu is his love .

What is the relationship between Ghana and Janu? What is the confilct between Ghana and Danush? What is the role of DGP Suman and CM? How the plot takes twists? ..forms the story.


Allu Arjun was oozing with energy in Mass characterization, he impressed with his performance, dance and fights. Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa didn’t get any chance to perform as their roles were restricted to songs and few scenes. Adi Pinisetti was impressive with his villainous looks and he was stylish . Saikumar as Rakul’s father, Suman as DGP and Srikanth were good in their roles.


Rishi Punjabi impressed with his cinematography work especially the action and songs taking. Thaman’s music is not so impressive, Seems like he did not put any efforts for the music, The RR used in the teaser was used for complete film. He used the same bit of music regardless of Hero and Villain. However the mass beat in the songs are impressive. Only Blockbuster song has all  components for a ideally engaging intent song. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao editing needs to be more crisp, there are several dragging and boring scenes which amounts around 25 minutes , can be scissored.  Two fights are very impressive especially the the roller skating fight.Art work was colorful and production values are good.

Director Boyapati Seenu has come with a fresh storyline – “Hero loving a MLA”, However he failed to develop the script to bring freshness. Audience expect Boyapati’s magic touch in Hero elevation scenes, he has proved with his films like Simha, Legend, Badra, Tulasi and even flop film Dammu, but in Saarainodu, he misses his magic touch. Boyapati failed to create such impact with Bunny ‘s Ghana charcater as the character misses powerful dialogues which can create impact for long time. Brahmanandam as Geoscientist has once again failed to bring required humour. Some scenes like Proposing a MLA on first sight & falling in love with Rakul on first sight , doesn’t convenience the audience. Few action scenes were seems to be inspired from Dammu film.

The first half of the film does not come to main track for about 50 minutes . Court scene and Interval Bang are impressive, the second half drags to proceed. The final twist , Bunny saying to media that, those who have killed Adi have attacked him, was an Average twist.  The stretched climax is wretched .Overall , The movie is strictly an average affair.

Formulaic flick for Fans