Saptagiri LLB Movie Review

saptagiri-llbMovie : Saptagiri LLB
Actors: Saptagiri,Kashi Vohra ,Saikumar, Shivaprasad ,Shakalaka Shankar .
Music: Vijay Bulganin
Producer: Dr. K.Ravi Kiran
Banner: Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations Private Limited
Writer: Paruchuri Brothers
Directed by: Charan lakkar Rating 3/5



Saptagiri (Saptagiri) complets his LLB ,solves small conflicts that come to the Panchayat in the village. But he never show up in the court. He decides to land in city to gain experience by studying big cases . He begins his practice as a lawyer. At the same time, a hit and run case attracts Saptagiri. Rajpal (Sai Kumar) argues that the case and the court dismisses it. But Saptagiri makes the hit and run case to reopen again. He also earns a key witness. Saptagiri finds that Rajpal is behind this witness So, he takes the bribe of Rs 20 lakh to withdraw from case. People who saw Saptagiri as God criticise him . Knowing his mistake, Saptagiri promises to do justice to the dead. What’s next? How did Saptagiri win the case? That’s the story.

This is the second attempt by comedian Saptagiri to become the hero after ‘Saptagiri Express’. He showed his talent in telling dialogues, dancing and style. In the last 40 minutes, he competed with Saikumar. He was able to produce both hush and emotion. It is difficult to touch the role played by Boman Irani. But Saikumar made that adventure. Sai Kumar was on par with Boman Irani’s performance . Those who did not watch ‘Jolly LLB’ will feel that Sai Kumar is the main hero in this movie. Shiva Prasad’s performance was impressive. The heroine does not have a great preference. She looks very common.

It is difficult to remake such stories. Any changes in the story will be reduced the feel in the original feel. The director dealt with it very carefully. The scenes in court were effectively screened. The songs seem have blocked by the storyline. The film has been well documented. Paruchuri Brothers conversations are impressive. Production values are good.


Saptagiri LLB is a remake of Bollywood film ‘Jolly LLB’, which was a huge hit in Bollywood. Comedy, action sequences and commercial elements added for Saptagiri LLB apart the key point. Saptagiri has shown his ease in the dances. He did some shocking steps for the first song. The director felt that he wanted entertainment from Saptagiri and created some scenes. Story comes with Sai Kumar’s entry. All the scenes related to the court were made in the form of ‘Jolly LLB’. Everyone who saw the hindi film will not be disappointed . The last 40 minutes of court scenes is very vital for this film. Sai Kumar, Saptagiri, Shivaprasad competed in acting. The farmers’ element which was not in the original was also added additionally. Paruchuri brothers gave some emotional touch.
+ Court sequences
+ Sai Kumar
+ Saptagiri Dances
– songs
-Familiar story

Saptagiri wins in audience court