Sandeep Kishan spends four hours in police station

sundeepActor Sandeep Kishan who has put his sweet and blood for his most awaited film Nakshatram under Krishna Vamsi direction has reportedly spent four hours in a police station.

Kishan plays a role of a youngster who is dreams of becoming a sub-inspector in the film. Sandeep Kishan has revealed many interesting facts in a recent interview to the media during the release of the Nakshtram. Sandeep Kishan explained the way he has prepared for this film.

To know How do the police behave normally? Sandeep Kishan spent four days at Madhapur police station to find out how they deal with the public.What would be the police officials’ body language ?. He came to an understanding after visiting the Madhapur police station. Sandeep Kishan said that he was aware of the police attitudes.

The young hero says that he has spoken for a long time with the local people in the Tarnaka area where the Nakshatram’s major part is screened. The film is directed by Krishna Vamsi after Govindudu Andarivadale.