Samrat Reddy becomes 1st captain in Bigg Boss 2

samratActor Samrat Reddy was chosen as the first Captain of Bigg Boss Season 2. On the fifth day, the captain was selected.

The captaincy task was held with four participants including Samrat, Ganesh, Bhanu and Sanjana. Although Bhanu impressed everyone with her act and deserved to win, still Samrat got the capatancy through biased voting of his group including Tejasvii and Tanish.

Geetha Madhuri dumbest contestant ever in Bigg Boss history while Sanjana seems better than Tejasvi . Babu Gogineni and Naidu became silent in today episode.

Big boss has assigned a special room for Samrat with a clause that No one should go into the room without Samrat’s permission.