Samantha sensational statements about Industry


samanathaRamcharan and Samantha Rangasthalam under Sukumar’s direction, produced by Mythri Movies was released on March 30 and running successfully.

On the occasion, Samantha gave an interview about her role Ramalakshmi in the film. She has made some sensational statements about the film industry

She said, “Filmmakers are fixed with mindsets that audience will not accept married heroines But none of the audiences has told that they would not watch Samantha as she got married. Even filmmakers should also think twice about it and change their mindsets.

Rangasthalam is a proper commercial film and the role of Ramalakshmi has been well received by the audiences, it means they have given a message to filmmakers. Her biggest support is family members and that’s why she tends to go to work with the free mind” said Samantha.