Samantha in Love !

Heartbreaking news for Samantha fans and admires. She is in love and will get married soon.

Samantha says, “Yes, I am in love. Well, I am not the kind to have a relationship behind closed doors. The thing is, I haven’t really asked the other person if he’s comfortable with me speaking about us, but yes, I am in a very happy space right now. I think whatever it is, it’s extremely permanent. We are going very strong and I am very happy. For now, let’s just keep it at that.”

Talking about marriage, typical Samantha quips, “I love my independence and I do not want to give it up now. But yeah,I think its wonderful to be married and have a family. I am one of those girls who’ll put everything else on hold when its time to start a family. So, whenever I am ready, I will hang my boots and say thank you very much.”