Samantha embolden Pawan Kalyan

samantha-pawanLeading Telugu actress Samantha states that she has embolden actor Pawan Kalyan , when the actor was unwilling to dance.

Samantha said, Pawan Kalyan was a very special actor to her, Pawan has lakhs of fans but the actor behave as a simple person , very disciplined and solemn . It is peculiar to see such a big star hero to behave as common man. In addition , Pawan Kalyan is very shy person ,says the actress.

During the song shoot of Attarintiki daredi film in switzerland, There was not much crowd expect few tourists, Pawan started feeling shy and felt the shoot without dancing for the song.

Samantha went to Pawan Kalyan’s caravan and requested him by emboldening that he could dance very well, says the actress.