Samantha affected by Black Magic

According to film nagar sources, The sudden rising of Samnata to super stardom should have definitely created jealous for some of her competitors. The result is, they have worked ‘Black Magic’ on the pretty actress keeping her confined to home for two and half months struggling with a different phase of life. Sam used to get seizures at times and was behaving abnormal with friends and relatives. When her worried parents approached a popular Kerala tantric Vineet Bhatt, he traced the root cause as ‘Black Magic.’ After 3 hours of extensive tantric pooja conducted at Maganti Gopinath’s office where samanta was made to recite powerful mantras, the tantric managed to clear the buried bones in a graveyard which were used to influence samanta’s ill health or skin infection.

Now, samanta is completely cured and has become doubly energetic with reduced allergies and new glowing skin. She even joined the shoot of ‘Eto Velli Poyindi Manasu’ after two and half months break. Meanwhile, Sam’s manager called this as a rumor and questioned on how a Christian like samanta would believe in ‘Black Magic?’ Whatever may be the actual reason…thank gods, the actress is back to work.