Salt shortage rumours trigger panic in UP

tata-saltSalt shortage rumours trigger panic among buyers, while some stores selling salt at Rs 200/Kg in Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh).

Reacting on this IG Zone Lucknow said,” Shortage of salt is a rumor, kindly do not pay any attention to it and help us maintain law and order. Salt is not going to be sold even one rupee more than its original rate, so people need not worry”. While ADG (Law and Order) Daljit Chaudhary said, ” Will take action against those spreading rumors, and there is no shortage of salt “.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, Some people are spreading rumors that there is a shortage of salt and sugar, this is false.

Food minister Ram Vilas Paswan said, There is No shortage of salt, prices are the same. State Govts need to take action on those who spread rumours.

On the other hand, People plunged into shops to buy salt in kilos for their future taste needs.