Salman Khan’s gesture for Ramcharan

Even though Ram Charan is a sensation down south, he would have to walk that extra mile to establish foothold in Bollywood. And what better advantage he could get than developfriendship with the Dabangg star Salman Khan.

Recently, a parcel of home-made Biryani was sent by Salman for Teja, and the gesture seems to have confirmed the bond between the two actors. As per the sources Salman and Ram Charan have been very close friends for a while now. Since Ram is shooting in Mumbai, Salman has decided that he should take special care of his friend and catch up with him as often as possible. Salman also invited Charan to his house for dinner last week. With Salman Khan who is known for his generosity and supportive nature, Ram Charan has surely got one mighty supporter and promoter for his Bollywood debut.