Salman Khan’s Tube Light Story

tubelightBollywood actor Salman Khan has gifted his fans their ‘Eidi’ in the form of TubeLight, which is all set to release this Friday.

Salman Khan was seen in their last blockbuster film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, came up with an emotional treat with his innocence performance. He gave National Award Worthy Performance.

Tubelight is about two brother Laxman and Bharat, played by Salman and Sohail Khan respectively, the plot is set during When the 1962 India-China war. Laxman and Bharat are extremely close to each other and Bharat serves as army person and there is news that Bharat has been killed in the war.

After hearing of Bharat’s death, Laxman decides to find his brother as he doesn’t believe that Bharat is killed. Laxman befriends the Chinese child played by Martin Rey Tangu. With the help of his friend from across the border, Laxman begins searching for his brother.

Laxman understands that there was a mistaken identity, and his brother Bharat was alive as Bharat’s boots were on someone else’s feet when the latter was killed. Laxman finally meets Bharat

Shahrukh Khan was amazing in Cameo Role. Salam gave a career best performance. The movie cannot be skipped.