Sakuni 3 days collections report

The mark of a star hero in Tollywood is usually measured by how much collections he can manage in opening 3 days.  After that of course, the collections will largely be dependent on the success of the movie. By this measure, Karthi is now a major star in Telugu. His latest relase Sakuni has managed a phenomenal 3 Crore rupees in Andhra and 2.25 Crores in Nizam. The movie released in 141 theatres in the Nizam region with 51 only in Hyderabad.

Despite Karthi and his brother Surya’s success in Telugu, our stars have been unable to replicate the same form in the Tamil market. For example Mahesh Babu’s Businessman which was a massive success here performed very badly in Tamil Nadu despite the dubbed version being heavily publicised. Clearly, Karthi is giving Telugu heroes a run for their money.