Sakshi’s paper Jealousy on Ram Charan

Sakshi’s paper Jealousy on Ram Charan

27th March is the birthday of Mega Power Star Ram Charan. In this connection, Cherry celebrated his birthday on 26th March before leaving Pollachi for a song’s shoot. Sakshi Telugu daily newspaper has published this matter with the following heading trying to bring differences among young heros.


However, the same newspaper published another matter just below the matter of Ram Charan. The heading of that matter is;


Also, the newspaper published the photo of Ram Charan on left, and NTR’s on right. And more surprisingly, NTR is beckoning his index finger to somebody seriously and as if it appears that he warns Ram Charan. Also, the newspaper published the matter of  ‘Zanjeer’ movie’s original writers Javed Akhtar and Salim Khan’s agony for copying their story for Ram Charan’s ‘Zanjeer’. In fact, the makers of this remake movie had already given a clarification on this matter and assured that they would talk with the writers duo.

We approached some of the mega fans to know the reason for this strange gesture of the newspaper. And they said that, the head of the newspaper was a politician and obviously, he had lot of fears on Chiranjeevi and his son and that is the reason for the jealousy exhibited by the newspaper.