Sakshi media’s death politics for Jagan

According to Sakshi which is referred as toilet paper of Jagan  by Radhakrishna (AJ)  has once again came up with some cooked stories to take the credit of  natural deaths and sum it up into Jagan account.

According to Sakshi, Watching news Jagan’s arrest on TV channels more than 48 have left their souls as they were in shock by his arrest. To add more spice to it, an old woman has banged her head to wall and was dead. God knows what they want to prove by killing people. They have already done at the time of YSR death claiming some 600+ death in YSR account and with Odarpu Yatra for years. The same trick is followed for cheap publicity.

The Sakshi media has to re think , this type of  false propaganda does not influence CBI or  the cases  but it may lead to panic situation may lead to mass hysteria where people will try to go such a state of mind and think that their families will be benefited by getting some financial aid  of Rs.1 lakh  from Jagan after their death. This type of death politics  had already shown Jagan’s destiny .