Sakshi media mind games with Naidu


Sakshi paper with elections nearing started it mudding tricks to defame others as Jagan’s name is already in criminals list. In this process it had offered a lump sum amount to Kola Krishnamohan to flutter words against TDP chief Mr.N.Chandra Babu Naidu.

Kola Krishnamohan, the man who duped the public and banks of several crores of rupees by making them believe that he had won Rs 83 crore in the Euro lottery, suddenly surfaced on Saturday evening and created a flutter by alleging that Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu has several Swiss bank accounts in his name and has deposited several hundred crores of dollars.

Though Krishnamohan backed his words with details of the alleged bank accounts, the TD was quick to rush to Mr Naidu’s defence, rubbishing the allegations as nonsense and saying it was all part of a game plan by Sakshi media house. Krishnamohan said he had an account in Midlands Bank, London (A/c No. 433846958001) and transferred Rs 4 crore to Mr Naidu’s account in

Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore (A/C No. 2248634590-4985, in the name of C. Naidu Nara).
He added that Mr Naidu had accounts in foreign banks like Credit Suisse Bank, Berne (A/c No. 0204049121100), Uni-on Bank of Switzerland (A/c No. 00991534218169), Natwest Bank, Paddin-gton, London (A/c No. 4928-364100832), Barclay’s Bank in Singapore (A/c No. 00851327000124). Krishnamohan added that Mr Naidu had “15,000 crore dollars deposited in his Singapore bank account.”

He said when Mr Naidu came to know that he won the Euro lottery, he invited him (Krishnamo-han) to join the TD and took Rs 5.10 crore from him, including Rs 10 lakh through cheque, Rs 1 crore in cash and another Rs 4 crore through money transfer from his account. Krishnamohan added that the Enforcement Directorate, which investigated him, was aware of Mr Naidu’s bank accounts in foreign countries.

He said that he would submit details of Mr Naidu’s “misdeed” to the High Court within the next few days. Meanwhile, reacting sharply to Krishnam-ohan’s allegations, Mr Naidu denied having any Swiss bank accounts either in his name or in the name of any of his family members. “I challenge those making allegations to prove that I have Swiss bank accounts, I am prepared to face any punishment,” Mr Naidu said. In a related development senior TD leader T. Devender Goud, in a statement threatened to file defamation cases against Krishnamohan and Sakshi news channel for their attempts to malign the TD and its leader.