Sakshi media allege huge land scam in Amaravati

sakshiSakshi media published a full page article in its daily alleging that ruling TDP ministers and TDP leaders played a pivotal role in land acquisition scenario and acquired thousands of acres of land around the capital area AMaravathi with binami names at meager costs.

Sakshi daily allege that Minister for Municipal affairs and Urban Administration P.Narayana

Purchased land: 3600 acres
Cost price: Rs.432 crore
Present value: Rs.14,400 crore

Social welfare minister Ravela Kishore babu

Purchased land: 55 acres
Cost price: Rs.5.5 crores
Present value: Rs.82.5 crores

Nara Lokesh
Purchased land: 500 acres
Cost price: Rs.50 crores
Present value: Rs.650 crores

Sujana Chowdary

Purchased land: 700 acres
Cost price: Rs.35 crores
Present value: Rs.700 crores

Murali Mohan
Purchased land: 53 acres
Cost price: Rs.16 crores
Present value: Rs.212 crores

Pattipati Pulla Rao
Purchased land: 196 acres
Cost price: Rs.39 crores
Present value: Rs.784 crores