Sakshi dont has Shame : Naidu

TDP Chief Nara.Chandra Babu Naidu  blashed on Sakshi for adulterating facts and publishing false stories and telecasting them on TV.

Addressing the press at NTR Trust Bhavan, Naidu said that  Sakshi paper has written a article to throw mud on him , where it claims he has hotels in Singapore which was not proved by them yet. Now it has raised a new topic  to defame him with regard to Kola Venkata Krishna Mohan of Vijayawada, who is facing the charge of cheating people with a claim that he won the Euro Lottery of Rs. 80 crores, was arrested by the police in 2003 for  charge of cheating some persons by collecting deposits from them .

Sakshi claims that Kolla gave 5crores to Naidu . While Naidu has rejected it as false  allegation. He said Kola Mohan gave only 10 lakhs as party fund after knowing the facts, TDP had  deposited the 10 lakhs in court. He said if Sakshi has any shame it has to come with proofs instead of writing these cooked stories. He also demanded Jagan to come up on TV with his version to prove his innocence and then talk about others and said he already gave a complaint in press council of India against the baised news paper.