Sajid Khan showered Tamanna !

Bollywood film maker Sajid Khan brother of farha khan who is directing Milky Beauty Tamanna for her debut film in Bollywood Himmatwala movie showered Tamanna with praises.

In an interview to leading English daily he said  ” I was clear from the beginning that I wanted to cast a popular actor from South India as I wanted to stay true to the original, in which Sridevi, a diva was the South was cast opposite Jeetuji. Tamannaah had done a Hindi film earlier, but nothing compares to her popularity down South. She fit the bill perfectly.”

He adds. ” Tamannaah is going to be the next Sridevi in Bollywood. She is immensely talented and hard-working. Plus, it’s always a joy to work with South actors as they are extremely disciplined. If the shoot is at 6 am, trust my heroine to be on the sets with make-up on, right on time! That’s the kind of professionalism a filmmaker looks forward to from his actors.”