Sai Kumar face humiliating defeat in Karnataka Elections

sai-kumarProminent Tollywood actor Sai Kumar who contested in Karnataka Assembly elections has been defeated by Congress candidate in Bagepallii constituency.

Congress candidate SN Subba Reddy won with 41 thousand votes against Sai Kumar. CPM and JDS stood in second and third places respectively While Sai Kumar stood in the fourth place with 105 votes. He even lost the deposit.

Although BJP has emerged as a single largest party in Karnataka, there is no effect of BJP in Bagepalli, Sai Kumar contesting on behalf of the BJP faced a humiliating defeat.

Bagepalli is Saikumar mother’s own constituency. Although there are Telugu speaking people, but Sai Kumar has not been benefitted. There is Reddy caste domination in this area. Thus, SN Subba Reddy was elected as MLA in the election. Sai Kumar has also been defeated twice from the constituency which is on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.