Sai Kumar daughter interesting wedding invitation

We all know the famous Sai Kumar’s dialogue from the film “Police Story”. In fact, Sai Kumar has been tagged as Dialogue King since his voice will be reverberating in all the theatres with surround sound. The actor is now in the news for his innovative way of inviting all for a happy occasion.

Sai Kumar’s daughter Jyothirmayi is about to get married, and the actor has extended ‘Advance Wedding Invitation’ (‘Mundasthu Pelli Kaburu’) to all his near and dear ones. What’s interesting is that the names of his family members are also written mockingly.

Family Names 

Sai Kumar ‘Nalugo Simham’ (as he utters in a dialogue from ‘Police Story’) Surekha Sai Kumar – ‘Lady Simham’ – Aadi – ‘Bala Simham’ PJ Sharma – ‘Vruddha Simham’