S.V. University Lecherous Professors arrested for Sexual Harassment !!

Lecherous Professor arrested today who was  alleged in scandal wherein the  professor of  S.V. University has ‘sexually harassed’ two research scholars has come in for a sharp attack from different organizations lead to arrest today.

Professor Rajeswar Rao who was working in S.V. University’s Zoology Department along with his wife Vijayakumari was arrested by CID officers today. This arrest took place after one and half year of charges.

Vijayakumari wife of Rajeswar Rao was also a professor in SV University, Two student Lakshmidevi and Penchalamma  were pursing PH.D under her guidance alleged that her husband Rajeswar rao used to sexually  harass them with silly behavior and dirty language. He used ask them to cooperate with him and satisfy his desires. He also warned them of losing their degree if they deny his order when the students said that they have fatherly respect towards him, He expressed his anger and said He is not their father and asked them to treat him as their husband. And Vijayakumari used to support her husband .

This incident took place in December 2010, students complained to Vice Chancellor of the S.V. University but no action was taken, then students approached media in February 2011 in this regard. The Students Federation of India (SFI) has staged a protest along with its cadres in front of the University Registrar’s chamber. Later with media entry a case was registered and was referred to CID department to enquiry. Thus the arrests took place today, were confirmed by CID DGP Damodar.