S P Balasubrahmanyam faces a strange situation in US

spbRenowned singer S P Balasubrahmanyam faces a strange situation in US, he lost his bag containing passport credit cards in the US

Balu posted “My bag with Passports, credit cards, cash, my Pads with all my song scripts were stolen,”

Later he posted “After my posting on Facebook, every channel has flashed the news about the problems I am facing here. I would like to tell you that I have got my passport back. I am fine. I have completed 9 concerts and 5 to go. Nobody has any problem with what I have lost or gained. My gain is your affection. Don’t worry about anything else. People who do not have access to Facebook are worrying about it. I have your blessings, everything is fine. Thanks for concern.”

Balu in SPB50 concerts tour in USA ,he performed in Seattle, LA, San Jose, Dallas, Kansas, Tampa, and Atlanta with successful concerts.