RX100 Movie Review – Raw n Bold

rx100Movie : RX100
Starring : Kartikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh
Director : Ajay Bhupathi
Producers : Ashok Reddy Gummakonda
Music Director : Chaitan Bharadwaj
Cinematographer : Raam
TeluguSquare.com rating 3/5


Shiva (Kartikeya) has no parents. Daddy (Rinky) nourishes him and makes him bigger. Vishwanatham (Rao Ramesh) is a big man in town. and a district level politician. His daughter Indu (Payal) completes engineering in Bangalore and come to the home for a holiday. Indu falls in love with Shiva at a first glance. she is a little bit more initiative and without any delay proposes Shiva. Unexpectedly she gets married to a stranger settled in America. She disappears for Three years. While Shiva waits for her Come back. Will Indu comeback? Why she opts for marriage with another person after deep love with Shiva? what happened to Shiva? To know these things watch the film.


We have seen love stories where Hero-Heroine falls in love, Heroine father refuses, Hero raises against heroine father to win his love. But ‘RX100’ is different. Director Ajay Bhupathi has done justice to the subtitle of ‘An Incredible Love Story’. He was able to present a true love story with a rural backdrop. However, the hero’s struggle for his love has shown in a more violent manner. On one occasion director, Bhupathi recollected his mentor Ram Gopal Varma. The romance between hero-heroine is very bold. It is unlikely that the censor board members accept such deep romance.

While watching the first half the film looks like any other film, But when the pre-climax arrives, the film comes as a surprise. That’s how the director presented the film. In fact, A twist in the second half is a pillar for the film. The film was based on a real-life incident. After seeing the second half, the romance shown in the first half is justified. The second half is more impressive.


Karthikeya introduced through this movie. There is no doubt that he has the heroic mannerisms and physic. He is perfectly suited for Shiva’s role. Acting is also good. It is important to say that the dialogue delivery is not particularly good. The main thing about the film to say is about the heroine Payal Rajput. This is the first film in Telugu for Hindi serial actress Payal. She was amazing, especially in romantic scenes. Rao Ramesh’s performance as heroine father is good. Ramki has also done justice to his role.

The film was filmed entirely in the rural background. There is no compromise on quality. The movie is very rich. Production values are good. Ajay Bhupathi showed his Mark, he has unveiled a love story that has not yet been shown. Each scene is very well written. Background music provided by Smeran, Background music is particularly good in violent scenes. Chetan Bharadwaj songs are another plus for the film. ‘Pilla Raa’ song is very good. The cinematography is in Ram Gopal Varma style.

Finally ..
One cannot say that everyone likes the film but it will be connected to the youth. Because this is a new kind of love failure story which has a villain in form of the heroine.