Rumours make Lakshmi Rai furious

There are lots of rumours about Lakshmi Rai these days. There was a rumour linking her with a cricketer. It is understood that she came on a chartered flight to witness the IPL match which was held in Chennai.

Lakshmi Rai while speaking about the rumours said, “Wrong rumours are being spread about me. When I forayed into the film industry I was not bothered. I avoided giving explanation but now it is not like that. I am giving explanation as and when a rumour erupts. I don’t have any mentor in film industry.

I came to act without any background. Initially I had acted in wrong films. I learnt a lot of lessons from it. Now I feel that I should act in good films only. I am not rushing to act in many films. I also don’t want to become a number one heroine. Once you get the number one status it is very difficult to retain it.

Once there is downslide in your career, you should be ready to go home. So I am keeping my steps very carefully. There is no truth in the news that I had come in a chartered flight to watch the IPL match. I am getting good offers in Malayalam but in Tamil and Telugu people expect only glamour from me.”